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    Scratch 3.0: Explore the Math Inside Games

    - Click SEE INSIDE to remix any game

    - Click the GREEN FLAG to run

    - Have fun!

    Classroom Activities

    VidCode: Math is behind the scene, even for a science concept


    • Change the numbers inside the program, see how it changes the visual too!

    • It's all about the numbers behind the scenes

    • Step through the Plastic Pollution activity

    • Code a movie using Java Script

    • Make your voice heard with code


    Click VidCode to launch

    Quickdraw: The Science of Robots and Machine Learning

    • Can you teach a machine to learn?   One growing application for science is machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI)

    • With Quickdraw, add your drawings to the data and help a machine to "learn"

    Click Quickdraw to launch

    • Start by drawing 6 doodles

    • Race the clock to test the machine

    • See how many drawings the machine can figure out

    • Explore other doodles!

    Music Lab Experiments:  The Science of Sound

    • Open-source web technologies that let us create and share art and music.

    • Experiments are built with freely accessible web technologies

    Click Music Lab experiments to launch

    • Explore and build new interactive music experiences by making your own music

    PhET:  Interactive Science Simulations Created with HTML 5

    • Artists and designers work with code and visuals to create models and simulations

    • Science concepts "come alive" online

    Click PhET to launch

    • Find a science or math simulation

    • Interact with it, explore how it works

    • Does a visual help you learn the concept better?